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Understanding Military Sexual Trauma and Helping Survivors Heal

America’s Heroes Group Podcast, episode 277, addresses the topic of military sexual trauma (MST) with Dr. Ellen Koucky, a clinical psychologist who serves as the Military Sexual Trauma Coordinator at the Jesse Brown VA. Together, America’s Heroes Group Roundtable and Koucky discuss MST and how it affects Veterans, along with the resources available to those who have experienced MST.


Koucky shares why she enjoys helping those who suffer from MST heal in the episode.

“One of the reasons why I am glad to be here today is to help increase people’s education about MST and let Veterans know that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to MST,” Koucky said. “We want people to feel safe coming forward and to know that the VA’s theme is, ‘We believe you and we believe in you.’”


Jesse Brown Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center provides primary care and specialty health services, including complementary and alternative medicine, mental health care, vision care (ophthalmology), pharmacy services, rehabilitation services, oncology, and more.

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