Housing Access for Low-Income Veterans

Housing Access for Low-Income Veterans

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America’s Heroes Group podcast, episode 303, addresses the topic of housing issues and rights for Veterans. Panelist Amy Hozer-Weber, Director of Civil Practice at the Veteran Advocacy Project, joins us along with Brent Filbert, a retired 30 year U.S. Veteran. 


“In the United States, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approximately 40,056 Veterans are homeless on any given night,” Hozer-Weber said. 


The Veteran Advocacy Project (VAP) provides legal services to Veterans who can’t afford them. The organization aims to keep low-income veterans in their homes with access to healthcare. “What we are able to do is help those that seek assistance,” Hozer-Weber said. 


America Heroes Group’s mission is to honor and respect the relentless commitment, ultimate sacrifice, and unwavering dedication of our retired Veterans and Active Service members thereby empowering and transforming their lives as they age in place and reacclimate back into society through identifying and positioning local and national communities as military friendly.


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