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To Honor and Respect the relentless commitment, ultimate sacrifice, and unwavering dedication of our retired Veterans and Active Service members whereby empowering and transforming their lives as they age in place and reacclimate back into society through identifying and positioning local and national communities as Military Friendly.


America’s Heroes Group aim to be strategically positioned in the Communication/Social Media arena as the Synergistic Military HUB through established strategic National Alliances and Partnership/Sponsorship with Federal, State, and local   political, business, and community leaders via TV, Radio, Talkshow, and Social Media  that disseminates and delivers insightful, pertinent information, resources, and referrals.

Whereby educating, advocating, and having a direct impact that effectively addresses goals in reducing homelessness, PTSD/Suicide, MST, access to Wellness Care and Programs along with Legal/Social Services benefits for the Military population that consists of over 40 million retired Veterans, Active Service  Members, and their family members.

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