Grand Finale of the Evolution of AHG

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By: Stephanie Kalota 
Founder, Veteran Legislative Voice & AHG Correspondent

In the grand finale of the relaunch of America’s Heroes Group, it is important to include all those that made this amazing program just that much more amazing.
Being in the military or as a veteran can feel isolated, confusing, and bleak. But that is what America Heroes Group does every day to prevent this from happening. They do that by introducing them to wholesome, considerate, and decent humans. These introductions can be on radio shows and podcasts that humanize the VA, which can reduce the negative opinions of the VA.

To be successful in this venture, America’s Heroes Group is assisted by the best advisory board that any organization can ask for. The members of the advisory board are Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Congresswoman Shelia L. Jackson Lee, Chris Kennedy, and James Compton. Lt. General Russel L. Honoré is a decorated 37-year army veteran whose missions include: commanding the military relief effort in post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans or conducting a security review of the Capitol’s security infrastructure following the attacks on January 6, 2021. Congressman Danny K. Davis is the U.S. House Representative for the 7 th district of Illinois and have been since November 5, 1996. Congresswoman Shelia L. Jackson Lee is the U.S. House Representative for the 18 th district of Texas and the Democratic Chief Deputy Whip. Christopher Kennedy is chair of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, and son of the late New York Senator and US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. James Compton is the former president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League.

More distinguished guests are: The Jesse Brown VA, the Chicago Regional Office of the Veteran Benefits Administration, Christopher Deutsch of All Rise, Lindsey Church, Danitza James, Rochelle Crump, Gigi Brookshire, Stephanie Gattas, Coalition of Veterans Organizations, Steven J. Seidman of Seidman, Margulis, Fairman, LLP, Jared Evans of Chase Bank Community Outreach Manager, Nancy Espinosa, National Commander of the Disabled American Veterans, Annaliese Cothron of American Institute of Dental Public Health, Darren Jeffrey of Rick Herrema Foundation Rick’s Place, Bob Carnagey of Indiana Disabled American Veterans Chapter 17, Liza Lieberman and Josh Protas of MAZON, Kathryn Monet and Ralph Cooper of National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Troy J. Brossard of AARP, James D. Rodriguez, the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor, Trabue Bland, the board of directors of the RHF, Keisha L. Jackson, a family caregiver advocate, Richard Brookshire of Black Veterans Project, Jennifer-Ruth Green of Battle-Proven Leadership, Hines VA Women Healthcare, KFF Health News, Jeopardy, Suzanne Gordon of VHPI and Dr. Paul R. Lawrence, the former Under Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, DC Office.

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