Opportunities for Veterans in the Clean Energy Industry

Opportunities for Veterans in the Clean Energy Industry

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America’s Heroes Group Podcast, episode 287, addresses the topic of Veteran hiring initiatives and microcrid technology with Rob Howard, CEO/President of Zodiac Solutions, and Rod Matthew, Owner of Brevian Energy.

“There are a lot of programs that are geared directly towards Veterans and programs that are offered by the government in order to fill the gaps for the upcoming demand for these services,” Matthew said.

Brevian Energy aims to provide renewable sources of energy to homes in order to fight off climate change. Zodiac Solutions also specializes in consulting electric service providers to obtain more clean energy. Listen to the episode for valuable insights from Howard and Matthew.

America Heroes Group’s mission is to honor and respect the relentless commitment, ultimate sacrifice, and unwavering dedication of our retired Veterans and Active Service members thereby empowering and transforming their lives as they age in place and reacclimate back into society through identifying and positioning local and national communities as military friendly.

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